Another Unicycle store

I found this when I was surfing the internet:

If you go to unicycles, they have the Summit unicycles. Definitely not a good deal, though. $399

But go to seats, and look at the Velo! I’ve seen different ones in pictures in other countries, but this place is in Florida. And it’s only $45. That’s not bad. I think it’s cool looking.

Anyway, I don’t know if someone has posted about this place before, but I thought the seat was cool.


Browsing through this site, I see some very interesting details. They have a Big Wheel section, featuring a 26" and a 28" Sun. Nice. Their off-road section features a 20" Summit and…nothing else. The “Professional” section consists of the same summit and a Sem XL.

Looks like the Summit comes with a Viscount seat, but you can’t go wrong with the “Wells Fargo alloy pedals”. These pedals must be a safe investment…:smiley:

I guess its good to see some other options out there and I’m sure they’re helping some people get into Unicycling, but until I need a bright yellow Velow saddle (Nathan?), it looks like Bedford and don’t have much competition.

Nope, but they will thanks to the inhabitants of these fora, and many others. We’re at a precious place in the history of an industry, where macro-economic theory and micro-economic practice will soon converge. As a consumer, I’m impatient. As an investor, I’m listening…

cool site

never discovered it before

sounds delish!

I met the owner of this site at the Atlanta festival last summer, and he was bound-and-determined to give unicycle dot com a run for it’s money. He wanted to sell an entry level uni and at least one decent muni to be welded together in his shop. He was also importing a bad-to-the-bone profile hub knockoff. He will probably be selling us some good stuff this year, and he is an established retailer with a good reputation. carjug