Another unicycle picture in local newspaper

Heres a pic from todays Aspen Times Daily. The ride was on Saturday under perfect Colorado Blue skies, albeit, a little chilly. Start time temps were in the 30’s. I will post more pics and a ride report later this week. Cheers.

They spelt brakes wrong.
Well technically they didn’t spell it wrong they just used the wrong one.

I didnt notice that until I brought the paper home, I think that they might have meant it to be that way though.

I thought you just didn’t take any breaks :slight_smile:

" … in a related story, Aspen Times reporter Erin M. Cady responded ‘never again’ when asked if she would continue to combine her love of journalism with her part time job as Pitkin County’s safe driving mascot, Ms. Speedbump." …

“Mike’s unicycle wasn’t too bad, but those tandems …” Erin said of her day at the finish line." Aspen Times staff wish her a speedy recovery and look forward to her new winter series “The 3 diamond dialogues”.