Another "squid" framed uni..20"

Found this on ebay. Seems the “squid” frame is becoming a fad. This one’s a cheapie, however, and HEAVY at 25 pounds, esp. for a 20" uni. Thats significantly heavier than my 36er! It also comes with a 20 x 3 tire. Made by Mongoose.

i wonder if itd break if u went off a curb with it…

That rim looks really bad!

This came out before the Coker frame.

that looks like a knee killer.


Haha sorry, I hadn’t seen that thread. Oh well.:o

It was from a while ago i figured i post it here to add on.

yeah, we had a discussion on the fact that it was 25 lbs… stupidly heavy…

The frame or seat clamp. :roll_eyes:

it would probably break if the rider looked at it funny…before mounting…still in the box…twice

Eeew, Mongoose. Supplier of most WalMart bicycles. If you could actually call them bicycles…

I saw that one I was surprised that mongoose made a unicycle…

Why cant you call them bicycles? They are not the top of the line models at walmart, but Mongoose makes some decent stuff, and has lasted me heavy bmx abuse for over 5 years.

I guess you haven’t seen some of their better bikes cause they are quality.

but that unicycle is crap

mongoose is like sun in these terms. They make decent items but they get a bad reputation because they also sell complete crap. Take the sun BFR rim…heavy duty. Now take the sun 29" unicycle…absolute bull. Seems like in order to get a good reputation in this industry you can only sell top of the line high end equipment and not offer cheaper entry level alternatives.

Sun-Ringle is the rim manufacturer that your talking about, Sun the bike company is totally different.

His point being that evwen if you have some decent product if you sell any cheap products then you gain a reputation that all of your products are crappy