Another snow riding video

Here’s an approximately 5 minute long unicycling video. It is comprised of: DH snow riding as well as drops and hops on ice/hardpack. No story line.

Please let me know what you think. Any tips for filming or camera angles, also what did you like in the Video?

4.8 Mb: Video

I liked it. and then second song by the newsboys now thats a classic

I liked the little uni sucker punch at the end.

I’m glad you guys liked it.


Has anyone else seen the video?

Good Video.

I liked the use of slow motion for the drops where we could see you both do nice clean drops, and work out how you set yourself up for riding out of it.


some things seemed a little to dramatic, other den that it was pretty good!

What do you mean by “a little too dramatic”? :slight_smile:

Thank you all for your input!

I don know, the falls seemed like you where falling realy hard on little stuff. just like that kind of stuff. Maybe not but it just looks that way.

I imagine you mean when we are riding down the hills on the snowmobile tracks? Actually, the hill is quite steep, and so the falls are not exaggerated. Maybe we’ll try to take a photo that shows a better perspective of the hill, and post it…

yea okdokey, i guess it wasn’t fake falling.