another sad run

hey [B]BrickMan[/B

Well, I’m impressed, I’d be well pleased if I could do stuff like that. Just been watching your other vid, I think they’re pretty neat. :slight_smile:

Hey, that root you took at the 0:06 mark is nothing to sneeze at. Well, I suppose you could sneeze at it but it would still be there just daring you to unicycle over it.

You’re doing just fine.

I see in this video that you are starting to hold onto the seat.

Keep working on the grip technique & try not to let go while you are going over the rougher sections of trail. Each time you let go is when your control is lost & the uni bounces you off.

Pull the seat up into yourself when going over the bumps & you should have better results.

Keep in mind that pulling up on the seat may start to cause some hand & arm pain so work it up slowly so that you don’t cause any overuse damage right off the bat.

Hey BrickMan!

You’re doing real good. 11 months was it?
That’s great riding, keep on and after some time you’ll fly over those sections. How are your skills ar street riding doing? My experience ist, that some Muni time makes riding on pavement so much easier.



I don’t think that was a sad run, quite the opposite and impressive. You aren’t getting a break you are going from one obstacle right to the other so you don’t get to catch your balance before tackling the next obstacle. You are doing remarkably good in my opinion. Nice. I also admire the fact that you put up videos or your riding. I enjoy seeing make great efforts as they progress. Thanks for sharing.

FYI, safety gear is a good idea for muni riding. Just saying

This a typical run through the woods. I have gotten out of the habit of safety gear but do have it. It seems to be such a burden to wear hiking to my favorite spots. I agree that I need it back on. I busted my knee bad a few months ago and its still sore. Currently spained ankles is a big concern when traveling faster especially when the muni stops and I go on.

I still struggle with backwards and mounting but have decided to stick with 24 inch cycles for all riding. The mounting on the street 24 is easy to mount but anything else wears me out to the point of not being able to ride unless I hold a tree and get my feet set just right. idling is not so good either

Don’t rush it man.

it takes its time for muscles to get used to that sort of usage, and all those new balance possibilities the brain has to store somewhere.
Don’t pay too much attention on hard progress goals, you some time just because it is fun to do so, and soon you’ll think “he, this time i did it all in one go!”.
happend to me lately, i was so surprised i made the climb that i forgot what i wanted to do at the top so i had an upd.



Think of it this way, it’s better to be a little inconvenienced then have to sit out due to an injury that could possibly been avoided. I suffered a severe sprain a while ago messing around on a skinny, and then re-sprained it a few months later, jumping off my uni into an ice rut when a dog chased me.

After that and up until very recently I was wearing this to protect another injury happening. It has worked really well for me, at least so far. I still wear it depending on which shoes I wear.

I purchased a pair of 5-10 Karvers, the Karvers have good ankle support. I don’t wear the brace with the 5-10s only because I think it’s a bit much. I’m not entirely used to the Karvers so if I wear my sneakers I usually wear the brace.

Here is a link to a thread on the forums with regard to injuries and thoughts on protective gear

Glad to see you do wear gear. :slight_smile:
Keep riding you’re doing great and I enjoy your videos :slight_smile: