Another obstacle building spree...

I’ve built up quite a collection of nice bits of timber to use for trials obstacles and I think it’s time to put them to use. Last trials obstacle building spree I built 2 sandwich boards, one 5m x 35mm practise rail (built 20cm high supports), and a hopping post.

Here’s what I’ve got to use (all sizes in mm):

  • 1800 x 75dia. round log (x2)
  • 2400 x 75dia. round log (x1)
  • 3100 x 70dia. semi-cylindrical handrail (x1)
  • 35 x 70 x 5000 plank (x2)
  • 90 x 90 x 2300 plank (x2)
  • 5 milk crates
  • many sandwich board size sheets of timber and particle board.
  • about another 10m of 35 x 70 planks to cut up
  • about 10m of assorted bits of timber (mainly hardwood).

…and all for a total cost of $0.00. Don’t you just love collecting other people’s junk!

I haven’t started yet but will soon. Any suggestions would be more than welcome. My favourite area of trials is rail riding so I’ll use lots of this for that.

My dream is to one day own a big block of land and be able to build a perminant trials course in the backyard. It might be a bit difficult to find a wife willing to put up with that though. :slight_smile:

Wish me luck (with the obstacle building).


Good luck with the building! I am fairly new to unicycling so i dont really know what sort of things you could build but good luck anyway.

I had, and still have lots of wood too. I started off after some guy gave me a pallet, and I took off the bottom boards and put them on top, because the top was too widely spaced. It was fun, and I had lots of wood so I made a bridge. I then made 2 more. I now realise bridges are kind of boring on a unicycle. But anyway, I built another pallet kind of platform thing, a balance beam, and three gapping boxes (soon to be more). I want to keep building but don’t know what to build. I’ve heard of sandwhich boards before but I’m not quite sure how they work or what they are. If anyone could help that’d be great. Also using sawhorses, and spools, to build things higher are a great help.


I wrote some instructions on building various trials obstacles. Go to the search thing on the site and search for ‘instructions’ and put ‘andrew_carter’ as the author and search for thread titles only. That should give you the thread.


I got some timber to use up, I’ll build a rail for riding soon but the problem is my unicycle with buckled rim and bent cranks makes it way too hard to ride that sought of thing a fat tyre would help too. Once I get my better unicycle though I will do it.

i now have 6 sandwich boards all different sizes, thanks to andrew. (do a search for instructions and you will find some excellent info about how to make trials obstacles that andrew wrote awhile ago). I have all the tools and wood, but no imagination. I’m not sure what the next thing to build is. I’m not sure im quite yet good enough for a hopping post, tho i’ve never tried one…they look significantly more difficult than sandwich boards. I would build a rail, but i can barely ride straight on a curb. I dunno why, but rail riding is just one of those things that evades me.