Another new video...

Hey I made a new video yesterday…but i put all my videos together and made one bigger one…also new stuff too…

Please Leave Comments…Of what you think…


Well done!:slight_smile:

I liked this better than the first one. Still has the same problem w/ many of the shots too far out though.

Best parts: the riding, editing, flow, and the music & its beat matches your riding pace.

Some suggestions:
Many of the shots at the beginning choped your head off. Raise the angle (pref.), or the camera.
Have your camera-person closer, in the middle of the section you plan to ride and pan left to right or R to L. Eg. 2:00 - good. 2:14-2:34 & 2:34-246 - not so good
1:36-1:57 Have you camera person start just behind and to your right, then walk in or zoom in as you ride around.
Cut out the sizing up of your pedals for that rolling hop at 3.20.