ANOTHER new Trials uni

Wow, keeps making my decision harder on a trials uni.
Look at this new one
This just puts a new uni in the mix, and this time im SURE nobody has posted on it yet. From what i can tell it is basically a KH, without the saddle.
Pretty interesting

yep,late again:p:p:p it also does’nt have the sloped crown.


Every freakin time! From now on, when i see something new, i am just going to wait for somebody to post on it, or hold my excitement forever.
Trash this thread too

i so noticed this before you, but you beat me to the post (i even told you about it).

anyhow, having a bunch of choices is a good thing. now we just need people to test them all out. i have an onza on the way, should be here friday. i will go test the crap out of it in the next few weeks and report back here. ill do some 5’+ drops to test strength.

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no,no dont do that…we have been enjoying your posts.

if anything post more!

Hmmm, looks very much like the Aricle trials uni. I wonder if they are one and the same?

The Aricle is based on one of the KH prototype unicycles. From what I understand the company Norco got to make the new KH model did a copy cat of one of the early prototypes and started selling it on the side.

I know Kris and Norco where not very happy at having their design ripped off after they had put a lot of time and effort into R&D to develop a good unicycle. This company didn’t ask for permision, isn’t paying royalties and has basicly stolen an early design. Lawsuits followed.

Their advertising featured doctored photos of Kris, without asking permision of course.

Take a look at:

Note that the Aricle while cheaper is inferior to the KH in several respects:
-frame is not as good for gliding, one footing etc
-frame is much heavier
-seat is not as good

Not that i would by one, but what are the specs on the ARLICLE? How much does it cost?
I dont think summit ripped off KH such as this company did.

doesnt it seem a little odd that 400 of these “just wound up in USA”?

There is a fairly detailed explanation of how these unicycles ended up in the US on the description of the summit model at

One thing you can be sure of is that while the origins of the unicycle may be dubious, doesn’t rip anyone off. They can be trusted to deal honourably with both customers and suppliers.

Rest assured that buying a summit unicycle from is not ripping off Kris. (buying it from somewhere else on the other hand - who knows)

just doing what your sig says Peter!i didnt say anything about ripping any thing off!(jeez!)

there explanation is how they came to be,not how they got them.“just wound up in the USA” is not an explanation.if they truly “just wound up” here,then how come i didnt see one at my door?