Another new rider!... oh, and another!

So I surprised my nephew with my old 26" Nimbus II that I ended up buying back from a local friend I sold it to years ago. He had it hanging in his shed and it hadn’t moved since then.
I boxed it up and sent it to my 29 year old nephew in Montreal.
He received it yesterday at 4:00 and today he sent a video of him riding a 100’, making a 180º turn, and then riding back on a grass surface!
Well Holy Crap!..was I impressed.

Now as I’m writing this my brother phoned from Toronto to tell me that he received his new (to him) 20" Nimbus Bling unicycle. This was the second unicycle that I had sold and I was able to buy it back as well.
He’s excited to learn how to ride as well.

I’m so happy that both of them are super excited and I’m sure they’ll both continue to ride.
I can’t wait to see their progress.