Another NAUCC post

Well, I thought I would share my NAUCC experience along with everyone else who already has!

My mom and I arrived in Minneapolis on Tuesday, July 29. We checked into our motel, a Baymont Inn that we got for $35 a night on Expedia. It now costs $70. It even had a free shuttle to the Mall of America, and really good muffins in the continental breakfast! :slight_smile:

Anyway, we registered on Wednesday. I met Bruce Edwards (a.k.a. yoopers or Brucetoad). I received a Harper temporary tattoo, but I never put one on until the last day, Tuesday. I met Harper as well. Both great people! I saw David Ramos again, who I had met in October at a little thing here in Pennsylvania. The next day I was pleasantly surprised to see Erin again, who hosted the event in October. I also met Marti and Jason, who came with David.

Thursday I watched the standard skill and Individual freestyle competitions. That night I played a little bit of hockey and basketball. I was goalie in hockey, fortunately Brad Edwards was defense and saved almost every shot!

Friday I rode with Tommy (tmornstar) and Chris (rhysling) to the Muni fun ride. I walked most of it. I also met Dave Stockton (U-turn) on the ride. Chris was nice enough to stay behind and go slow so I wasn’t by myself. He tries to come off as sarcastic and cruel, but his nice side sometimes shows through. :smiley: Although he kept bugging me with that camera phone.

Friday night was the public show. It was absolutely incredible. The expert pairs were amazing. Ryan Woessner and Amy Shields’ performance was flawless as far as I could tell. After seeing the preview for Universe 2, I am definitely looking forward to its release!

Saturday I rode in the parade. That was a lot of fun. I wore a bellybag full of candy and threw it to the kids. I wished I had more when I ran out! The Expert Individual Freestyle on Saturday was great. I really enjoyed Ashley Wood’s performance. I guess the blue wig got stuck or something, so later in the hockey finals she was still wearing it! The Puerto Ricans won the basketball final, of course. The hockey was Twin Cities against Twin Cities. So Twin Cities won. :slight_smile:

Sunday I skipped the 10k so I could sleep in before the Muni events. I did the beginner Muni cross-country, and found it to be quite difficult! I think I was one of the last back. Oh well! I did the uphill and downhill later. I was just glad to make it down the hill once without falling!

Monday was track events. I got 5th place in the 1500m. There were 5 girls in my age group. :slight_smile: In the 100m I got 5th again. There were actually 6 of us, but one girl fell. I got 5th in obstacle course. There were 5 of us in that, too. I DQed in the slow races. That’s a really skinny board to ride along! I level tested with Carol Mclean, so now I am officially Level 2!

Tuesday was more track events. I was just in the 400m. Once again, there were 5 of us. So I got 5th place! That night was the final party. I didn’t win anything in the raffle. :angry: But that’s ok. I would have hated to break my losing streak, anyway! :smiley:

Wednesday we met David Ramos at the Mall of America. I purchased a very realistic-looking donut magnet. It’s on my refrigerator now.

I bought 8 new unicycle t-shirts. I was doing my back-to-school shopping!

Everyone was really nice. I like having faces to put to names when I’m reading people’s posts on the newsgroup.

I know I’ve forgotten some important things, but that’s all I have to say now! Thanks everybody for the great time!


Re: Another NAUCC post

That was a very good experience for you so keep on pedaling and who knows
for next convention you can place in the first three out of five :slight_smile:

David Ramos

It sounds like you had fun, and that’s what’s important. (That sounds really patronizing, doesn’t it?) :wink:
Congratulations on level qualifying. You now are officially a higher level than me! Be fortunate that you got to go. I wish I could have been there. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself.
Isn’t it great to meet other unicyclists that are crazier than you?

NickyFrog slow racing the skinny: