Another little movie...

I just had a really fun day of trials unicycling the garden and made a movie of it. I did some stuff that I’d been dreaming of doing for ages, and for the first time used a crank grab to get onto something that I couldn’t otherwise get onto.

Anyway, it’s 5.4MB and 2:47min long…the song sums up my day pretty well.

Here’s the link…


Hey andrew,
Nice video. What do you use to create them?

I like the music too! :slight_smile:


The music is nice. Maybe not the best choice but still a good one. I liked the video too. You can hop quite a much higher than me

I am very jealous of your garden… :slight_smile:


James Brown is always a good choice!
Good work on the uni, too! Hopping like that will have to wait till I get the proper kind of uni, if I can ever do it. I am in awe.

I want to get my hands on a proper digital video camera and make a nice long 30 minute movie with proper editing. I’ve now got a riding partner for it…I just need the camera. Maybe I’ll hire one in my 4 months of holidays before uni. :slight_smile:

I use VirtualDub. I’m not very handy with computers so it’s perfect for me. I just turn all my little clips into .avi’s and ‘append’ them all together. I’d like to know how to do those little mergy things between scenes. What do you use?

The thing is it was one of two songs in my collection that was within 1 second of the total video time. It’s much easier to find a song the right length than to adjust the length of the video.

It is nice isn’t it. If it’s ever possible, my dream is to buy a tiny block of land out in a really cheap suburb and make it a trials playground. Imagine the possibilities! I’d have heaps of big boulders and build lots of wooen structures and everything. Well that’ll always be the dream.

Unfortunately it was too long but I’ve got a more funky and therefore better version of ‘I Feel Good’ at home. I got my trials uni a month ago and I love it! It makes things so much easier.

Thanks guys,

I believe that the video gives inspiration to work on my hoping skills and be able to do what you can now! I really enjoyed watching the video, keep up the good work!!

Nice Job!

Good Video! That crank grab was nice, that is what I am working on now. I have got the grab down, but I cant quite hop up onto the object yet from the grab, is it just practice, and how long did it take u to be able to hop onto the object from the grab? Anyways nice video, and any advice?

It’s really hard to approximate but I’d say it took me at least 3 hours of solid practise spread out over several weeks to be able to crank grab. I only did my first one a few days ago so I’m not very confident with them yet but they’re lots of fun.

Like a lot of things on a unicycle I think you just have to believe that you can do it so that you fully commit to the hop up to rubber. The interesting thing is that it really seemed like I’d never get it but then one day I went out and told myself I wouldn’t come back in until I landed a crank grab. Luckily I landed my 3rd attempt and 3 more in a row after that so I went from not even being able to make the height to rubber straight to being able to do them.

I think the thing that helped me most other than trusting myself was landing with the uni as far onto the object as possible. That made things a lot more stable when trying to hop up. Also, the day that I landed my first one, I put more pressure than usual on the pedal (the one on the object) and it actually tilted the uni in slightly. I’m sure this varies from uni to uni but it seemed to help me. Now making the height up to rubber isn’t an issue. One more thing…I found it easier when I leaned toward the object more.

Sorry, but there’s not really any secret to it (in my experience) …you just have to keep practising. Hopefully it’ll just click and you’ll start improving really quickly. I don’t pretend to be experienced at all with grabs but thay’re the things that helped me and I just learnt a few days ago.

For that crank grab I had about 20 unsuccessful attempts. I added 3 of them in the movie. I’m hoping that with more practise I’ll be able to make that grab to the letterbox every time.

Good luck,


thanks for the advice! I hope that with practice, I too will be able to conquer the transfer from pedal to tire on object, I am 210lbs though, but I know eventually I will be able to do it! Thanks again!

Re: Another little movie…

nice one!
i love the way some of the hops synched with the music
was this intentional?

No…just luck. But for the big movie I’m going to make over the next 4 months or so I plan on doing it intentionally. I’ve got a song picked out for part of it where there’s a break and I’ll do a stillstand there or something then do some gaps.