Another freaking unicycle purchase question

I know everyone is tired of these, but, I need a unicycle. after getting Torker LX like two years ago and trying to do street with it (seatpost broke, welded it back, and then snapped the saddle; bent rim, twisted crank…) i have decided to make an informed decision on a quality trials/street unicycle.

After shopping on UDC I noticed that there is now a street catagory. any of the KHs are out of my range, but i noticed there is a Black Widow that UDC made and was wondering about that. as far as trials go, I was thinking DX, Nimbus, something like that? obviously splined is a must, but i don’t know the specifics as far as ISIS vs other hubs. advice will be appreciated.

and what is the difference between the street and trials catagory? I’ve been away from the sport for a bit, and just recently remembered how effing awesome riding a unicycle felt.

I think the standard advice at the moment is to go with a nibus trials with upgraded KH moment cranks. That’s pretty much a balls tighteningly good uni, but you might just want to get it with regular cranks and only upgrade if you bend them.
You can also upgrade the seat post, seat base (to carbon fibre), handle (to carbon fibre), and the pedals (personal choice). I hear that the stocks are pretty shocking.

I think that there are two kinds of splined cranks. You have Koxx-1 ISIS and everything else including other ISIS cranks. K-1’s will only fit on K-1 hubs.

Others will no doubt tell you lots more specifics and will probably tell e i’m wrong on every point. They may well be right.

Don’t worry about it. We’re glad to help.

UDC kinda messed up with the street/trials categories. They’re really just the same thing. The best budget unicycle out right now is definitely the Nimbus ISIS Trials with upgraded Kris Holm cranks. The advantage of ISIS over a different splined is that ISIS is becoming the standard for all cranks and hubs in unicycling which means you could put qu-ax cranks on a Kris Holm hub, etc.

By the time you ungrade the cranks and add UDC’s shipping charge, a Nimbus will cost as much as a KH, while lacking the cool frame, KH seat, gain a lb etc.

Here is the original thread

Where I learned about the BI deal.

^^^^^^Isn’t that the 07 KH? I thought the Nimbus ISIS Trials is as strong if not stronger than the 07. Do those come with warranty and is BI a respectable company like UDC?

Both are amazingly strong unicycles, which ever purchase you make will make you happy.

The BI KH’s are 07’s. The 08’s come with 2 sets of pedals, a stronger seat tube to frame union, and oval cut outs in the rim. Otherwise they are the same. The difference costs 15 $ more for a 08 over an 07 at UDC.

As for the warranty, there is no written KH warranty, for anyone, that I am aware of. Or at least I don’t remember getting one with my KH’s. Word of mouth on the forum, is that KH with swap out parts that have a defect, but not for ordinary wear. Because KH handles the warranty, not the retailer, I assume it doesn’t matter where you buy the uni.

As far as BI’s rep, I have never bought from them. However, if you scan the thread above, it seems a number of riders have ordered the uni’s, they came promptly and they are definitely real 07 KH’s. :slight_smile: