Another eBay oddity (LA area only!)

Check out this offering on eBay.

I’m trying to figure out how the whole conversion from bmx bike to unicycle happens.

hmmmm, maybe a recumbant unicycle?

Looks like you undo the bolts holding the frame to the front forks (unicycle frame) then remove the seat and handle bars. Put the seat into where the bars were at.

Cranks you probably just undo and put it onto the front axle. Probably use a universal crank design for there drivetrain and front axle so they can switch the cranks back and forth.

Oh I’ve seen this before. Go look at the UPSTO and you’ll see some taiwanese patent filed on this ( I don’t have the link right now).

Jerrick’s right. The uni’s frame would be the front fork and you slot the seat in the handlebar area. I will say though that the clamp sticking out would draw blood…

seems pretty simple to me, if you look at the front hub its hollow, you just take off one of the cranks slip the bottom bracket out (I’m assuming this is pretty easy on this bike) slip it into the front hub, pop the crank back on. The rest is pretty self explanitory (pop the fork and bars off and toss the seat in).

I think the thing is pretty sweet, if I could buy it on a whim I would. Definatly.

yeha it looks quite cool LOL someone should buy it and review it…