"Another Day" Unicycle Trials, Josh Kobylski

This is my second video I have made and have been riding for about 10 months. The quality isnt the best and I am looking for a better movie making program at the moment. However i am pretty happy with the way it turned out. Hope you enjoy!

That song is insanely overused, but the video was still pretty good and fun to watch. I wish I had a trials course :frowning: Some cool and fun looking lines in there as well.

I was trying to avoid using a overly used song, i had never heard it before, didn’t know. Ill look around more before i pick my next song. Thanks

Nice rding man. Keep it up!
Maybe try so more ups in the next one?

Yea i will try to have more jumping up and riding skinnies next video

nice helmet cam :astonished:

That was sick Josh!
That fall in the dirt looked pretty narly, where’s that at?
I loved the rail hop and the fact that you went back to those pillars in the buisness district and got it. Thats awesome! The shot of the drop off the loading dock was super clean too. Did you decide that it wasn’t possible to do the full waterfall on ynez? I thought you were planning on going all the way to the sign.
What editing program are you using, I thought you were gonna use windows movie maker but I don’t recognize your titles?

Well enough rambling, I’m super jealous your riding everyday. Can’t wait to get back so you can show me some of these new spots you’ve found.

Thanks, The fall in the dirt was over by target and 24 hour fitness. The next rock jump on the waterfall was a little big for me, probly could of gotten if i tried more, but than the sign moved, so there was no way to ride on it. And i did use windows movie maker, nothing special with the titles. We’ll make a sick video when you come back too.

Nice vid:)


Some of the lines could have looked a lot better w/ better camera angles and a couple of shots were a bit shaky, so a tripod or stability control would be good (or a cameraman w/ much steadier hands).

NICE josh!

10 months?? that’s great when you only have been riding in ten months, but a realy important thing that you need to learn is the tuck (spelled?) and consider about to get a lower seat I think it would be great…

Nice vid and awesome head cam!

Thanks man, Yes i am trying to practice my tuck, gonna set up some pallets next to my house so i can keep adding to them and practice my height better. I never thought about my seat though, i don’t really know how high my seat is suppose to be comapred to my height.