Another 7 spin

I just landed my first 720 unispin. I’m really happy. :slight_smile:

Haha. Damn Bro.

What, you looking for winning street, flatland, AND trials at NAUCC 09?


nice. :slight_smile:

dang dude, your hecka gettin piper cedar… i’ll see you in a week or two man, and well get all dirty bird.

lets see if you can hit an 8ft gap and a 130cm sidehop when your here.
i nailed a meter a couple of times and 7 feet a couple times too.

Love, JOE

Wow Max, that was really good. Didn’t you learn 540s not that long ago?

dammit max… that was soooo smooth it was retarded… and i agree with Pele… hes going for the the Michael phelps win at NAUCC
must be nice getting to practice year round in that awesome weather :wink:

Awesome man.


very clean :slight_smile:

that was great:D

That looked effortless.

I’m so depressed now. That was awesome.

it’s not perfect weather down here. Last night it dumped all this cold wet white stuff :thinking: :stuck_out_tongue:

nice dude! makes me want to ride. cant wait till i get cast off and get new uni for christmas. Solid job!