Announcing Australia!

Dear fellow unicyclists:

Congratulations to Guy and Peter in Australia! Congratulations also to Peter, Tony and Steve for their innovative distribution system! Their devotion to unicycling, along with their leadership in business and information technology, has positioned them to serve fellow unicyclists in a bold, new way. They bring their own unique geographic perspective to the team, and we’re already benefitting from the results in new products. Check out the new /Teach Unicycling/ book they developed. To the new, combined team Down Under, we welcome you! Here’s a link:

Many thanks to Roger Davies, who continues to grow the franchise. With each new partnership, we strengthen our ability to develop and try new products. Roger has become an indispensable leader for our team. His spirit, skills and integrity honor us all.

All the best,
John & Amy Drummond USA

Congratulations Guy and Peter! Good to see you guys up and running across the Tasman.