Announcing the 2006 Kris Holm Factory Team

Hi All,

This year KHU is sponsoring 5 riders:

The main factory team, in association with Bedford Unicycles and Syko Productions, is Ryan Atkins, Zack Baldwin, and Shaun Johanneson. We’re excited to work with these guys through 2006 and I think it’s going to be an awesome year.

KHU is also sponsoring two of the worlds best rock climbers, Steph Davis and Dean Potter. These two are heros in the climbing world and I’m really happy to see them as part of the KH team- hopefully they will bring about some mainstream credibility for unicycling within the climbing community.

Check out for more info. This site is bare-bones right now but there should be more photos and videos as the year progresses.

Kris Holm

totally cool. good job you guys!
that there site should come out nice from what’s already there!

Can it be aranged to set zack up with defective parts such as frames, cranks, rims ect.? Possibly inflicting him pain and embarrassment? Hes a jerk.

Otherwise looks cool! Good work shaun and ryan!

You’ll have to excuse Evan, anyways kickass on he sponsership deal.

sounds like 2006 will be a high flying year in the uni world!!

cant wait for anotha uni vid to come out of u guys :slight_smile:

sounds like someone has a case of jealousy

hey btw kris you think youl be hiring in 3 1/2 years?
lol if so ill quit my bike shop job and head up there.

it does.

no no, zacks a jerk, he is.

Many including myself could argue, the same about you.
Now I’ve never met nor spoken to Zack, so I don’t know how he acts. All I know is he’s one heck of a rider.
However I have met and spoken to you and I know you can often be a jerk.

so sue me, zacks still a jerk.

I am a bit confused about the rock climbers… but w/e good job to all of you… awesome stuff

dont be confused about the rock climbers, kris holm has a rock climbing wall in his “bed room” which you can see in the hidden footage from Defect.
KH likes climbing too. :slight_smile:

It’s awsome unicycle companys are starting to sponsor people and those riders definatly deserve it. The only wierd thing is KHU didn’ sponer any Muniers.

When you say sponsor, does that mean all the way ?
Including air fares to events and lodging, or just equipment ?

ahahaaha, a jerk often confuses others as being jerks, (if u understand wat i mean)

Way to go guy’s.
Getting sponsered by Kris Holm is THE best thing somewone could hapen.

wow i think this is really cool
all the best to you guys

the link in ryans section “filming for defect” is dead for me ?

I tried that too but I think Kris said it was ‘Bare as Bones’ or something so i assume its under construction.


im jealous! Those guys are lucky to be getting sponsored the best unicycler out there… :astonished: Kris Holm :astonished: !!