Announcing the 2006 Kris Holm Factory Team

Were is the hidden section in defect! I want to see.

congrats guys i wish i could get sponsered…but i suck so ill just cheer you guys on…


Thats pretty cool. Syko is spelled wrong in a couple places and Shaun’s name is spelled Sean somewhere on his profile.:wink:

Sweet, I didn’t expect Shaun to be sponsered by KH unicycles, that’s cool.

Anyway, congrats guys, and I can’t wait untill the next Syko video! hint hint

Slight error in Ryan’s bio:


Hometown: Brooklin, Ontario

Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario

I think Ryan both got older, and moved. My address for him was also Brooklin though he may no longer live there. Best is to use his age and location when the stuff was filmed.

For Evan, how about you guys call it even. I know Zack well, and I don’t think he would argue that he can be a jerk at times. I have chastised him myself about being immature on the newsgroup. As apparently can you.

Many great athletes have been jerks.

I have just watched the video of Steph Davis climbing; Wow! scary stuff.

At first I thought it was strange that climbers are being sponsored by a unicycle company, but if Kris is into climbing, and an opportunity is there to increase the exposure of unicycles, then why not.

Well done to the Unicyclist.

I would imagine for a unicyclist, being sponsored by Kris would be the coolest Sponsor to have.

It is good that Kris is putting something back into the sport.

More than a few of us came to Muni by way of rock climbing. Nathan Hoover, Corbin Dunn, et al. There are more than 1.5 active rock climbers in the US alone, so hooking a few big names (like Steph and Dean) will help promote the sport in good ways. Next is to try and hook on a couple big wave surfers. Any of the real achievers from balance/adventure sports would be ace at muni if they put the time in. Laud Kris for spreading the good word.


And skiiers.

Okay, I have to say it: one and a half rock climbers in the US?

I was thinking about pointing that out but I decided not to. I assume he left out “million” or something like that.

Hopefully that’s closer to 2 than 1.5. I’d hate to see 1.5 rock climbers. :wink:

Yeah, I left out the “million.” My bad. I just periodically check in to this site and dash off replies without proofing anything.


Not only do I congradualte all the guys who made it on to the factory team. But I am stoked to see how big the unicyclist community is growing if it were not for big sales these guys mite not have been sponsored so GOOD JOB EVERYONE!!

I aspire to be sponsored by the good man KH for Mountain unicycling, That would be sweet to bad the north shore has a little to much snow on it and it has rained here for like a month and a half, got to love good ol’ Vancouver

hey, im not sure where to find it when its playing on a dvd player, but when i play it in my laptop dvd, i just click on the chapters. the KH section is “title 16” on the dvd

ahaha something random i thought that i would point out,

do u ever notice that, weneva kris posts a thread, he never replies agen or wen he does he will only do 1 extra post…

lol, i guess its coz he is a busy man :frowning:

OK point made! Thanks for the (mostly :)! ) positive comments and scrutiny of the typos. It’s great to be in a position to support these guys a bit with their riding.

Regarding the climbing thing. Coming from a climbing background, I’ve always felt that trials riding is incredibly like bouldering. Basically it’s the same except mentally in terms of seeing the line, working it until you get it, and needing to have some level of mental control. The culture is also similiar in that both sports are pretty non-structured and somewhat counterculture. As an extension of this I see huge potential for growth in unicycling amongst the climbing community. So why sponsor a couple of famous climbers? One of my better retailers in the U.S. outside Bedford and is an online climbing shop,, and I hope that this will help grow KHU in this market. Makes sense I think.


Oops I meant that same except the technical details (ie obviously you’re on a uni instead of wearing rock shoes). It’s very similar mentally.

Good on ya Kris- great to see anything that advances the sport :sunglasses: