Anna Jinks Hickflips

Today I finally landed hicks and I wanted to go ahead and post what i had because I’m going out of town for 6 weeks. I didn’t get my best ones on film because the camera died but i got the first ones, and i think the video turned out well. Enjoy! All coments welcome.

YEYEAAAHAHAHHHHHHHH!!! i love learning new tricks, sorry. congrats!

feels good doesnt it? i suggest you chase that feeling, never stop chasing…

That was good:) I am so close to them now too:) If I ride i’m not coming in until I land it:p

That counts! Congratulations! :slight_smile:

You were so close in the vid before.

that was awesome. good job

Nice, :sunglasses:

I enjoy watching others learn new tricks. It inspires me to push on. I think I learn more from people trying to learn, than the ones snapping off stuff in millaseconds

Great job Anna! I remember seeing you almost get it so many times, and coming up the tiniest bit short, so I’m really happy for you. :slight_smile: On another note, have you worked anymore on doubles recently? I know you were really close on those as well. Anyway, we should ride sometime again, it has been a long time since we last did!

Jonny :slight_smile:

awesome vid anna. im so happy for you!

Thanks Everyone!!! Im very happy. I think im going for doubles next. I would have made a longer video if I had time. :slight_smile:

Friggin awesome.

I just got finished riding outside and I landed like 10 much cleaner ones now sense i have gotten them its just kind of clicked:)


Duncan told me he wanted to marry you. (unidunc)

Obviously untrue! Chris is just laying what is on his mind onto someone elses shoulders :wink:

Don’t make up sillly, crude and utterly ridiculous things like that duncan. Your obviously blinded by loved.

I would stop now if i were you :smiley:

<3Anna, Chris and Duncan sitting in a tree!<3


Lol throw me up there XD.

Congrats on the hicks. Im jealous. I need to get some tech street skills under my wing.

hej anna, cool short vid. i am training an outspin at the moment :slight_smile: