Anna Jinks and Forrest Rackard

Hey guys, Here is a new video of me and forrest rackard edited by jonny peacock. Its a little short but hopefully yall will like it! Thanks.

@Anna: Blind 3spin was pretty ill. Can you 5spin? Looks like your close to hicks…
@Forrest: Was that a blind 180 flip? Tre down the ledge was sweet. Your style kinda reminds me of were i see myself in the future(hopefully)…pretty sick.
@Jonny: Good job on the editing…liked the music.

Ok Bye


Lovd the vid, good choice of music. Anna, mad close to hickflips, and nice blind 360spin. Forrest, I liked that Treflip. Good job guys, I wish I could provde a better comment, but the vid was too short for me to get in depth, however, the riding was clean and the presentation was beautiful. Great riding fellas.

Chick unicyclists rule!

That was really good…Awesome Blind 3 spin

I really liked it!

really good riding and editing and music.

all your movies are too short though:)


Are you the first girl to bust out a crankflip?

liked the vid nice laided back feeling. tricks were great to.

always love seeing you ride forrest

ahah wow i knew nothin about this vid. its pretty cool tho, should have just left me out and made anna’s part longer.

Thanks everyone hopefully the next video will be longer! :slight_smile:

Spoonthumb: Thanks and i cant 5spin yet, though i have worked on it a little. I think i will land them somewhat soon.

Eddbmxdude: I think a couple other girls have landed them but im not sure about who.

that was the first time I’ve seen a girl crankflip. That’s great. One of my friends who freestyle (and is a girl) wants to learn to ride street too, but she is having trouble commiting to uni-spins and crankflips. I hope she gets somewhere eventually though.

Anyways, that was a pretty cool video. Too short, but thats fine i guess.