Anna Jinks and Forrest Rackard.

Here are some new clips from your favorite floridian riders. :slight_smile: Hope you enjoy.

Great riding guys. Nice bench demo at 1:04 Anna.

nice riding

Good riding guys,
Keep it up, miss you both.

I made a cameo in the video haha.


I really enjoyed this video! Very nice riding by both of you! Really clean!

Smooooooth! Ahahaha I laughed so hard when you broke the bench Anna xD

Good luck in college, both of you!

Really enjoyable :slight_smile: love both your style!

Vimeo please :slight_smile: everyting is blocked in germany :frowning:

Forrest :smiley: I like your first trick ;).

Anna :??? That was some sick riding, your flips must be the best out of all the girls? Soooo sick. My fave clip was the varialflip wall plant though, awesome… and Forrests big treys