Anna Jinks 27 Minutes

Always like watching your vids … you are really passionate about your riding!
Don’t really know what a 540 is but way to go … any new and hard trick is well earned!!!

Marine Mirault landed it on Unicon XIV :roll_eyes:

Oooooooh, sometimes I totaly forget about Marine. These girls (and sophia) need to get together to make a vid ^^

Agree! We need another female unicyclist collaboration video!

Well it was my third i landed one off film then i ran got my camera.

And i think a female collaboration video would be awesome!

Anna this video is so great. congratuations on how far you’ve come!

Make it happen! :smiley: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:


mary,julia,darja and I want to make a video together :wink:

EDIT: @ Anna: if you want to take part in it tell me :wink: i think that would be no problem:)

really nice vid :smiley: