Anna Jinks 27 Minutes

I made this video out of 27 minutes of filming. I landed some good stuff including my first 540 unispin. Take a look and enjoy. All comments appreciated!

Anna! You’re getting soooo good.

Nice 5spin.

Hey, me and Beeper are planning a call-out together, what do you think about a three-way. Me, You, Beeper?


Dang, I missed my 1000 post

Treys, doubles and 540s. Those are like my three fave tricks.

You rock :smiley:

Edit: Its a wake up call for you hungry, you need to pull your doubles on flat and do 540s on your trials :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait till I get an unicycle that doesn’t break.

I’m getting my 09 longneck in a week.

Congratz. :slight_smile:

Your 5 Spins are so much cleaner than mine, I think I mite have too try throwing the seat with the handle facing towards me.

Dude, your 5spins have funk. :sunglasses:

very nice!!! and a really clean 5spin :):slight_smile:

That would be sick.

Your five spin was so clean. Awesome video:)

Awesome video. The music was great. I loved the setting too. You’ve got a mighty nice camcorder, which is it??

I liked it,


Great stuff. Makes me want to learn double flips. :slight_smile:

wow :astonished: really good riding! congrates on your 5spin!

keep it up!

Congrats on the five spin Ania.

Nice tricks in there.
The 540 was really clean, and nice trey!

If you find one unbreakable uni tell me than I get one too!

WOW, awesome! where do you get your motivation from?! :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the comments. Isaac my camera is a canon HF100 i love it. Sternchen I dont really get my motivation from anything other than enjoying riding :).

wow…you get better and better…
i think you are the second girl in the world who can do a 540 unispin:)

ws that yor first 540 unispinn


You learn really fast^^
and your 540 was clean;)

third one^^ :roll_eyes:

keep it up!


Mary,Anna and??

Awesome video!! Too bad it wasn’t longer, because then I could have seen more sweet stuff and heard more of the Scientist! (i love that song)