Ankle rubbing?

I noticed that my right ankle rubs on the crank quite often while I was practicing. Does anyone else get this?

this never happens to me, but maybe i’m unique… :thinking:

Well I do have a problem with pronation and extremely flat feet. I pick up new custom shoe inserts tomorrow (I’ve needed new ones for years) and then I will get a new pair of shoes with a nice hard heelcup, and maybe that will fix the problem.

It used to happen to me, but its gone…

just move your foot further out onto the pedal?


happens to me some times, but just do like that other guy said, and move your feet further out on the pedal…:smiley:

What kind of unicycle do you have? The dx tore the hell out of my shoes and ankles. I ride a kh with moments now and haven’t had a single problem with rubbing my heel. I’ve never ridden koxx or any other cranks with no q-factor other than the dx, but I think you could have similar problems. It was mainly the nub covering the crank bolt and pinch bolt that bothered me… Maybe save up and get something nice like kh moments. High top skate shoes made it alot better for me aswell.

When I was starting out I would tear my ankles to shreds to a point where if it even got touched it was agony (my ankles are still visibly scarred in fact!)

But it’s stopped now. You just need to get your foot positioning right. But I would recommend putting something protective in your socks or something to stop the pain until you stop doing it!

It happens every so often, more so my first week than any other time.
My shin guards cover that bone if I position them right.
Like the others said try putting something in your sock or some kind of ace bandage or ankle brace if you can.
Once you get use to riding it wont happen often.

Now is the time to wear all the gear you have though.
Gloves, shin pads, elbow, maybe even a helmet.
You will not learn fast if you have to take time off for getting hurt :frowning:

Best of luck on the progress

Maybe you have something like this from some old soccer shin guards?
If you don’t have real biking shin/knee protection get some, or cheap out and buy some soccer guards at the sports store for like $10.

This is the bottom of a shin guards for soccer, I don’t use this but my sons soccer guards have this and a removable shin part that will save you from the inevitable pedal bike

These are like my sons

But these are what you should really get since you said you will be doing Muni later



I had this issue to when first starting, my Left ankle bone was a wreck…I took an old mouse pad and cut it and put it in my sock. Of course once I did that I haven’t hit my ankle bone again so I stopped using it. I just make sure my heel is pivoted out from the uni before mounting and now I don’t even think about it anymore…but ya I remember the pain!


It doesn’t really happen to me that much, but I have had shoes ripped from doing tricks and just general riding.

I think I will get used to it after a while and not do it as much, its just my right ankle, which is what I’m using for mounting and such. Plus I’m getting new shoes and inserts today and tomorrow so I think I’ll be set.