ankle braces

hi all,

Today I rolled my ankle for like the tenth time in three months. So I am seriously considering getting an ankle brace. I was wondering if anyone uses them and if so what kind do you think is best?


Yeah I’m considering it to, so I would also appreciate any advice.

Someone recomended me these, but I haven’t gotten them yet

Wouldn’t changing to a soft walking boot give sufficient ankle support?
I am considering moving to this to protect my ankles from rolls and scrapes.

Donjoy Velocity Ankle Brace - ES Model

I’m using the Donjoy Velocity Ankle braces (ES model) and they are fantastic! Just be sure to get the ES model (ES stand for extra support). They provide fantastic lateral support, they are easy to put on and they are made of a material that doesn’t smell funky from sweat after several years of use. They are pricy at $150 for a pair. They are sold individually. They are not symmetric so be sure to order one left and one right. This has to be the best safety product I have bought. Note that they will not protect your ankle from overflexing when you do drops (imagine flexing your toes toward your shin) since they are designed for athletes such as soccer players that need to be able to run in them. Just be sure to lace them up fairly snug but be carefull not to over tighten them because it can interfer with blood flow.

I just got a 661 pad set but I saw they had ankle braces too. They lace up, like a high top shoe. Which got me to thinking, why wouldn’t Chucks work(Converse All Stars)? I wear the low tops but the brace reminded me of those. Do braces usually have side bars in them to prevent twists or something, like wrist braces have rods?
I dunno, I just started this journey myself of muni riding. I watched many videos and they all said to try to step off backwards if you can on a UPD but for me, this actually seems more dangerous since I can’t see my feet as I land/step off if I do that. And stepping off frontwards seems more innate to me by default. If I try to step off the “right” way, I overthink it and crash badly.

The donjoy ankle braces do indeed have side bars just like the wrist guards but they are contoured to fit the sides of your ankle comfortably. I also tried the lace up supports but they were so time consuming to put on and they didn’t offer great support since they didn’t have the “side bars”. My orthopedic doctor also told me that high top shoes don’t really offer much support.

Ah, good to know! Thanks for the info!

661 race brace ankle guards are DA SHIZZ!!

Highly suggest getting those

Sorry for your injury, I hope your feeling better. I rolled my ankle a couple years ago and suffered a severe sprain. For at least a year I wore a brace, this one

I broke my ankle 5 weeks ago. Rolled it coming off my unicycle… I wear an ankle wrap, soft air cast and high top work boots. I freemounted for the first time today in 5 months. Felt great.

Good for you. I sprained my ankle a few days ago, and I don’t think it’s ever going to heal because I can just never stay off of it

I sprained my ankle about a month ago. I thought it was healed well enough after about 3 weeks so I started practicing normally. Then I sprained it again. It has been about 10 days since the second sprain, and it is still not right. I think it’s time to start wearing an ankle brace. I feel like an old man putting on f-ing neoprene knee supports and soon an ankle brace just to go out and ride around.

So for people who have used ankles braces, were you able to wean yourself off the brace eventually or do you wear the brace all the time?

My ankle hasn’t been right since a twist during a Muay Thai sparring session last November so I started wearing my ankle supports for MUni.

Today I switched to include my leather, high ankled Hiking Boots instead of my shoes and it did feel a lot better. I had a few UPDs on the way down the rocky parts and wasn’t worried about my ankle turning.

Ive never taken mine off since Ive been using it. Ankles are weird things, once you injure them they rarely ever get back to 100% strength.

Best advice is to keep wearing them and to always do excersizes that increase the strength of your ankles.

After I broke my ankle I wore an air cast plus a work boot until I could walk and run without any pain. That was how I decided.

I’ve rolled the ankles too many times to count,got 2 plates and 3 screws in the left.
I got these sweet ones off ebay for like $25,they have a lace up boot thing,then a figure 8 strap system that ends at the top of your ankle has another strap that goes around the bottom of your leg.
I’ll look for the link.
I use’m for BMX,dirtbikes,snowboarding and now probably uni’n.

I wear them on and off, when i hurt my knee a few weeks ago i got a knee brace and then went to a foot ball one for riding and i will enver ride with out it

Couldn’t find the link,but if you go on ebay and punch in ankle braces you should find them.They were under $30 for 2,the ones just like it are $50 ea.,the dude said he had them made for his company.Quality is good too.
It may be like a 3-way ankle brace,as I said it braces your ankle 3 ways,and they fit fine under hi-tops or whatever you ride in.

I remember Tony Hawk saying he cant even look at a rail w/o blowing out an ankle,so for me it has to do w/ age and compound injuries.Even if I do strength exercizes my ankles will always be weak from past injury.
Oh well,wouldnt trade it for the world!


I wear them all the time when I ride since the risk is far too great without them. However, you should find some way to strengthen your injured ankle such as wobble board excercises. I also found that I was aggravating my old ankle injury doing small drops, even when I tried to keep my foot centered in the pedal. It turned out that I had lost flexibility in my ankle/calf. I worked on calf flexibility exercises until my injured ankle had the same flexibility as the uninjured ankle and this fixed the issue. So strength and flexibility are key to repairing your ankle.

Good Luck.