[Animation/Street/Freestyle]Unimonstrosa PierreYves Billette


This is my last vids.
Don’t forget to choose Hd720 or Hd1080 in the bottom right of the youtube window.

Enjoy it :slight_smile:


Pierre-Yves Billette

That was so cool! AMAZING!

that was actually amazing! so awesome, and very very professional, do you do this for a living?!

what software did you use for the motion tracking? :slight_smile:

:astonished: That was sick! I’m also wondering about what Alister asked, do you get paid to do this kind of stuff?

awesome animation man, that was great :slight_smile:

Great animation! So so cool.

Fantastic! Quite fun to have an unicycling monster!

Julia B<I’m currently student, and will finish my school soon, so i hope to do this for a living in a few time.
AlisterBurt<In this case i do the track manually ^^, but you can do it easily with lot of program if needed.
I just do this vid to thanks all the unicyclist that i meet who help me to push me up and learn to me so much things.

Thanks for comment :),


If all your work is up to this standard, i have no doubt that you’ll earn a good living in the animation industry. :slight_smile:
you manual tracked all of that? respect.

Nice!! never seen anything like that before! very enjoyable!

By the way, i’m one of the guys that stayed with you at UNICON XV if you remember. :slight_smile:

Did you post this in another thread? I’m sure i commented on it :thinking:

Anyway if i didn’t i just gotta say i love it!!

I didn’t stop smiling all the way through and neither did my mum!

Great work mate, i hope you make more soon. Maybe you could make a series with the little critter?