animal pedals (unsealed)

anyone know how the animal pedals from udc hold up? good for trials? hows the grip on them and how do they feel? are they heavy compared to others?

I’ve been using them for a while for trials. They work really great. They come with long and short pins and you can customize them to the amount of grip you want. They aren’t super light but they’re not too heavy. The platform is a really good shape and they aren’t too expensive. They are a good all around pedal IMO. They also haven’t broken over numerous pedal grabs over the last 1 1/2 years which is a plus too.

Are you guys talking about the metal animal pedals?

I just ordered some animal hamilton PCs.

We’ll see how they work out…

thanks for the comments. i think ill stick with the pedals i have though.

I dont know what your talking about (unless your talking about the metal ones). A good pedal yes, but they are not heavy. They are half the weight of the oddessy twisted, and stronger.

he didn’t say animal pc pedals and he rides trials so I inferred that he was talking about the metal ones which it sounds like he is from his last post.

Just bought a pair last week. They are amazing! And Orange:D

nice choice on color! Orange is awesome. I think I’m going to get blue ones to go with my yellow nimbus trials. It should look great.