Animal Pedals (Plastic)

If you are looking for some Flat pedals and you don’t know what colour choice, There are your pedals (well, If you buy it… :smiley: ) They’re strong and light they weight 12,6 onz. There are in some colours but I couldn’t watch by internet…:frowning: If you find them put the link here plz :wink: that’s all. a hug!!

p.d:sorry by my English! :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool! they look nice! :smiley:

A bit more info for you

More info but same pictures

Those pedals look pretty fantastic. I don’t know why no one has thought of transparent pedals before.

Ahem. They are TRANSLUCENT. :wink:

i thought they weren’t out until later on this summer?

they do look nice though.
They are out!
The purple and grren look nice! And just as cheap as eastern.

EDIT: also some other pc pedals (no image yet): SHADOW NOSTRA PC PEDALS

If my Easterns break I’ll be sure to order a green or white, they look great.

Odyssey couldn’t let Animal get away clean with this one. These should be out in a week or two.

*all the imac colors.

Would they be good for trials/street? I realy hate wearing leg armor, but also hate the huge gashes by metal pedals.
EDIT: If they don’t work, could you tell me a good pedal for trials/street.

I see they’ve Tweaked the green.

Well For street plastics it depends on the amount of grip you want. Easterns do not hurt my shins that much (more of bruises then gashes) but they dont have the best grip. For trials I have heard great things of Oddesy PCs…
I may try these new animal pcs or the Shadow Nostra PCs depending on colors (looks like only black) and look(concave, knurled body, pins, shape, ect)).

I will post how they feel when I get them(probably mid-fall).

Not sure about those but my Eastern Plastics work really nice for trials (I like my metal pedals for street more). Just remember to paint 1 side or something becasue the pins will get worn down pretty fast and you don’t want to shred down both sides.

They look cool, but the pins don’t appear to be very long(in comparison to Odysseys)

Some people don’t like long pins though(Like me).

You may want to check the Odyssey ones too.

I think I am going to get a set of purple Animal PCs later this week.

they’re just silly then aren’t they :wink: