Animal Pedals (9/16) Unsealed

who has or has used these, how are they?

My LBS rants and raves about em, but what to they know pfff.

They look nice, lighter than the jimi c’s. Tons o colors. Never used them tho, not sure how they hold up.

The one thing I dont like about them is the hex pins, those ones that once you mash up never come out.

Id stay way from them if you plan to do things like pedal crab.
But if you like medium-mild grip, you can just take them out and still have 4 or so of the good pins.

I have green ones and I like them.

well, they are 600 grams for 40 $

I think these are better, 520 gr for 28 $ , and AEB ships cheaper. These are kinda cool in that they have a grease fitting, and come with a little syringe of grease.

I haven’t used these, but I have a set of the DMR mag v 12’s, 434 gr. for 60$ , that have held up for the last 6 months with no trouble.


The price of MG-1s has come down. USD $39.50 for 376g, but only 1 sealed bearing. And you can remove some of the pins if desired.

the animal hamilton’s are better than the jim c’s in my opinion. i’ve used two sets of jim c’s over two years. you do the math. now i’m onto the animals, and i’ve had my mind for over 4 months, i think.

they are lighter, and grippier, and have held up just as good as the jim c’s for me. i do some pedal grabs, but because i hop higher than most i have no need to do many pedals grabs.

agent Q mentioned a worry about one of the two different typs of pins on the pedals. yeah, i thought about this also. but everything’s looking okay for the time being.

once these get beat up, i’m probably going magnesium.

I have em, I like them. They are decently priced, very grippy, come with loads of extra pin variations, sounds good to me.

The biggest pull for me was the fact that you can completely remove the pins from one side of a pedal, that means you won’t have the issue of pins getting smashed up from pedal grabs and you can grind. This is something you can’t do very easily with the pedals posted by feel the light.

I also really like how they are unsealed. I have had sealed pedals fall apart on me, and most sealed pedals have the same innards (or at least the same problem) as the ones I had and unsealed have never let me down.