Animal Hamilton PC Pedals Review

Here is my short review on the Animal Hamilton PC Pedals. Only other pedals I have used were Snafu (not much), Odyssey JC’s, and plastic easterns. I have mostly used my easterns before so that is what I do most of the comparing too. I have done mostly street with them but have done a little flat and trials.

-Looks nice
-Easier to see, when catching crankflips
-No Concave
-Unlike my Eastern the pins ate cone shape not cyclinder shape.
-Pins seem to last longer and are more grippy than Odyssey JC’s.
-Pins are harder to grind with then my eastens, had to sand off pins on one side of one pedal.
-Pins may be too grippy (well I don’t like much grip)
-Plastic is harder than easterns, has a “hard” impact
-Has given me a few pedal bites and brusies, my easterns have almost never

-Like them better for trials than my metal pedals.
-Worse for street IMO than my eastern, but not much worse, just different.
-Worse for flat because it is harder to “slide” my foot from pedal to crank, but pedals dont make a big differance in flat.

Snafu = 5/10
Odyssey JC’s = 6/10
Eastern = 9/10
Animal PC = 8/10

how do you like Eastern plastic pedals for trials? Are they better then Odyssey PC ? :thinking:

I just got the Animal Hamilton PCs, and although I haven’t ridden with them much (due to broken seatposts), I don’t really like them so far in comparison to twisted PCs. They are too grippy (though I did sand down the pins a bit). Also, the twisted PCs had a nice, soft feel to them, whereas these have a very strong and stiff feel like metal pedals. This may, however, mean they are stronger.

I don’t know, maybe they just take some getting used to… (oh, i forgot to mention that flipping fast is slightly harder, probably because they are more grippy or perhaps even not bent).

I think that the animal and oddessy pedals are well matched. They both provide strong platics at a low cost, and look good doing it.

I haven’t rode odyssey pc’s for trials but i can kind of infer that they are tons better. The pins on easterns wear down EXTRAMLY fast and offer little grip.

Yeah, I agree 100%.

The only reason I am not back to my eastern pedals is because I am doing a lot more trials.