Angel Winged Unicycle

I am not sure if this is appropriate for RSU but it is uni-related.

My friend and I are making a uni club and we need T shirts and I need a picture of a unicycle with angle type wings… if someone could photoshop that… or somthing like that… or anything for that matter… i would love them forever… i would do it myself… but all i have is paint and i cant draw on there at all

anything like that would be much appriciated…

one more thing… instead of spokes i need a simple peace sign…


how soon do you need it i just made a uncycle peace spoked thingy …i can ad wings 2 it but i would have 2 do that after holiday…

anytime man… not anything super urgent… just whenever you can make it… thanks


ill get it to you when i can…but in the time between look for sombody that can do it…im really not sure when i can get it 2 you… when i get back from holiday i have finals @ school but i will try be best 2 get it 2 you asap

i’ve got one under construction, because i need practice with my adobe illustrator.
so here: (it’s still in progress, i’ll post the more finalized version(s) later.)

thanks for giving me a project, and as always:

uniangel.pdf (163 KB)

go with his mine is not as good … his is pretty wicked sweet i want 2 see its final stage

how about this…

this is my new tattoo design but you cant have it if ya want

that is will be an awsome tatoo …and in no way am i stealing it or somthing that you might think im doing…i just figured that 2 make it more angle and less eagle and with a peace sign it needed 2 be edited

are you actually going to get that as a tattoo?
that’d be totally sweeeet…

There’s a unicycle club somewhere in NJ with sort of the same idea. Their logo can be viewed at:

Mediocre unicycle but nice wings.

see all these are good… but i was looking for the kind of wings that swoop downlike big angel wings… like umm… the angel from dogma had!!


Dorfman, sorry to be picky, but most people these days would recognise the sign in the wheel of your uni as the Mercedes cars logo. Although this was (apparently) the first ever version of the peace (CND) sign, ever since the sixties it’s been like the Mercedes logo, but with the vertical line running from the top to the bottom of the circle.

In semaphore signalling, the vertical line represents the letter D and the upturned V of the sign represents the letter N, so N for Nuclear and D for Disarmament as campaigned for by the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.

Link to info here:

End of pedants’ corner.

Oh yeah, great design though tomsey!

should i make my wings larger?
i can do that rather easily…

here. I have the larger winged version. This time it has some color to it.

uniangel.pdf (180 KB)

if and when you get that unicycle/eagle tattoo done,
please please PLEASE take pictures and send them to
There’s not a whole lot of sport tattoos there, and it’s always cool to see people very into a sport. And there’s getting to be a pretty big unicycle fanbase on the community site (I’m one of the people who regularly posts in a unicycle forum on there)

And besides, that’s a really hot design that should be shared with the rest of the world too!