Andrews Muni?

I havn’t heard anything about this uni for awhile, so is it done? i wanna see it if it is. If not hows the progress coming?

I’ll post any updates in the thread on it titled “Custom muni project…”. I’m just waiting until this mate of mine finds the time to weld it all together now. Design is finalised, materials are bought.


aaa… ok you post a pic and shtuff on “Custom Muni project” when the creation is done. eh?

Yeah, believe me…when this project is done you’re all going to wish it never happened. I’ll be slipping ‘my custom muni’ into every post I make. :wink:


hahaha. ill just be jealous… is it going to be white and blue like you said it was?

… and every new video, I hope!

Of course. :slight_smile: