and so the light bulb came on today....

Today is the day that I can pretty much ride a unicycle without falling off (going over 100+ feet consistantly. One minute I was doing about 50 feet and the next thing you know everything just felt right and I was doing double that, it is a great feeling!!!
Took me about 11 hours of practice.
Even better I decided to try freemounting today for the first time (I had been using a chair). I hear a lot about people saying freemounting takes a good amount of practice but literally right off the bat I was freemounting successfully one out of every 5 times!
I can’t get the smile off my face :slight_smile: :smiley: :wink:

Congrats! You’re where I was about two weeks ago when I was first starting to learn. Now try riding around town, it’ll get you to learn to freemount quicker. =P

I still have to learn to ride in a straight line before I start terrorizing pedistrians… :slight_smile:

That seems like the best way to go about terrorising them, wobbling all over the place :).

Congratulations to all of you with your riding. It’s such a great feeling to be able to say you can ride a unicycle.