An odd ball unicycle anyone know who made these?

Came across this jem advertised for sale in Montreal. I’ve never seen one before do any of you lovely people know what the make is?


Interesting. Is that a hard rubber tire? I’d guess it is a one off or homemade.

With that gearing, if it can be ridden that would be like a 60" wheel. Have you rode it?

That is really strange. It looks like it was configured for someone around 4’6". It’s got a bicycle saddle and who knows what the purpose of those two extensions are.

I wonder if the bottom one is part of an original bike frame not cut off?

I messaged the seller and he says its home made. It’s a fair ways from where I live so I’ve not gone to see it though I’d like the chance to ride it. The gearing is interesting and I think the extra bars are to protect the seat if its dropped.
By far one of the classiest looking unicycles I’ve come across.

Somehow it does look classy. And that gearing is ridiculous! I can’t imagine how hard it would be to start moving but once up to speed it should be an absolute time machine!

Interesting to see how the frame had to be modified to make room for the cranks and the sprocket.



I hadn’t noticed the cut out for the chain ring, the builder definitely put some effort into making it. I wonder what else they’ve built.

Given, that it is in Montreal, wich is more or less the world capital of modern circus, it could have been a performer unicycle. These two extensions look as if additional requisites (flags, etc) could be mounted on them.