an idea about unispins

I was thinking about unispins since I want to learn them and an idea came to me:

Is it possible to do a unispin without using your hands: a suicide unispin.

You would have to twist your body to spin the uni and it seems pretty impossible.

I was wondering if anybody has tried it or if I’m completely crazy.

that is a really interesting concept, I doubt your crazy, I bet it could be done

How though?

When Pele landed the no-handed crankflip I asked the same thing.

Yes, I think it is possible for sure. In this video, you can see someone unispinning with his feet only.

Also, at Ottawa Unicycle Invasion '08, Émile M.B., Julien Renaud and I were trying no handed unispins, started from seat in. Unfortunatly, we had to stop because all of us racked ourselves on our seat.

If you’re just begining practicing unispins, I would say you should try them with your hands first, much easier !


Spin it with your knees?

saw some kool stuff in there but no hands-free unispin.


That’s a… umm… tire spin:p

Yeah, that was a great video, but I didn’t spot the no handed unispin.

Well I guess that sort of counts. Even if it doesn’t it’s very impressive.

That was more like a 90 with a 90 body varial, and he had to put his foot on the tire I think. Never the less it was still cool and he probably has managed the 180, just not on video.

I’m trying Stand Up WW to no handed 180 unispins. Isn’t that hard…

I will try to land then today and film it :smiley: