An exercise in futility

Making a viscount saddle comfy? It can’t be done, surely!

However after getting to the top of the hill again yesterday and aching today I had a sudden idea, after reading the blurb on Miyata air seats on… why not with a viscount? A few quid later I have a 12" inner tube from the local cycle shop on the way back from work today. A few hours later I have my best approximation of a viscount air seat, and aaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! it isn’t half comfy!

The only problem seems to be that the cover isn’t really big enough; generally it’s okay but if I jump off and grab the back of the saddle it sometimes un-tucks itself right at the back. This could just be because it’s a bit overinflated, I shall find out when I get the chance to give it a proper go.

However now I’ve had a taste, I can’t stop. A Miyata seat will start the process towards winging itself towards me from a few minutes after writing this, and then the inner tube will be transferred from one saddle to another.


Phil, just me, without a sore arse!


Here is a link to a thread started by Christopher (Rhysling) LeFay about an airseat conversion that he did from a Viscount. I checked his link to the photo and it is still valid.