Amy the angel at

Just wanted to relay my most recent experience with When I was looking to buy, I considered ebay, but then checked into and decided for the extra $10 or so, it would be worth going with an actual company.

The other day I used the wrong sized allen wrench and stripped one of the bolts on my seatpost clamp. Took it to the LPS, they had to drill it out. Took it home to adjust it & found out the threads inside the clamp are now half gone. Also, my pedal has been making a popping noise (saw something about that in another thread so figured the pedal was about to bite it.)

Anyway, I called I talked to Amy, she offered a new seatpost clamp for half the price of what I was quoted by the LPB, no tax, no shipping, and she’s even throwing in a new pair of pedals no charge. Try getting that kinda service from the ebayers! Thanks, Amy.

That has been my experience too with, both as a retailer and a distributor. Their customer service is really good.

Those of us in the unicycle community have a vested interest in keeping our customers happy with solid products.