Amazing unicycles

Check out

and look at all of the unicycles this guy rides the first two are understandable but the last two are amazing. If anyone knows where to get something like that, let me know!

Have seen the micro unicycle before, but wow that crooked giraffe was wicked! The guy seemed a little, I don’t know, like he can’t hold still for a second … well, I guess that’s what you call a performance :smiley:

It’s from

Here the Homepage:

I’ve seen that Tiny unicycle before too, I would like to get a unicycle like that too, and do some Trials with it:p It goes so slow, I’m sure I couldn’t go that slow on my 20".

Here are some of his records

I liked the crooked giraffe. Seems like it would have potential for some interesting tricks.

If you can mount assisted using the ground, your unicycle is too small :wink:

That was pretty cool.

the micro unicycle looks so funny, the performance and the unicycles: wow :astonished: