Amazing one wheeled riding (without engine)

Here’s a guy who makes a 10 minute wheelie ride on his mountain bike.

I figure it is harder to keep fore/aft balance like this than on a unicycle.

Eh…boring. There’s a guy at my school on the bike team who rides wheelies on his mountain bike all around campus.

I wish I could ride a wheelie, though.

thats really cool…but it gets boring after a while

Find the balance point then use the rear brake to stop yourself going over the back…easy as peasy:)

I get bored after about half a mile plus my old hands start to hurt these days holding on and braking at the same time :roll_eyes:

Downhill coasting wheelies are the best, pull up the front wheel, lean back and enjoy the ride:D :smiley:

I can wheelie for about 50 feet and manual a bit, I should practice more so that I can do it forever like this guy.

Manueling on bikes is really hard, I can wheelie for about 25 pedals on my mountain bike but I can’t manuel more than 10 ft.

I think he lost a wheel. :smiley:

Well providing you’re using brake control (and can wheelie quite wel), find a not very steep hill, wheelie down from the top, and when you have some speed you should start to roll without pedalling, and control with back brake - can anyone else explain better?

Wheelies get a bit boring… when you can do one hand and no hand wheelies :sunglasses: :stuck_out_tongue: , I think it’s the fast manuals that make it fun, like someone said.

Oh one more thing, providing you’re going for a good wheelie session, to take pressure off your hands when you’re up, angle the seat ideally as far forward (down) as possible. This means that rather than having to hold the bike up with your arms, your body weight does it for you :wink:

edit: if you’re wondering how to turn, lean over the opposite side of the bike to which you want to turn, and the bike should lean towards your turning direction, therefore turning. [that hardly made sense]

manualing is quite hard but im good at it if i have a jump to get the front whell up and can spot the place to set the manual down (as in bmx racing)… but besides that it is very hard

Look, i’m so bored I even drew a diagram:
(this is opposed to your weight sliding backwards off your seat)

Ps, to me manualing and ‘coasting’ are the same thing - but i’ve been talking about coasting specificly


Impressive, although not nearly as impressive as the set-up or 40 mile ride done by former RSU colleage “Unibiker”. Most posters on this thread probably joined the forum after Unibiker had departed. Had to look around a bit as his old gallery, but here’s the link to some pictures. Rather than have a friend handy to catch the front wheel coming off, he just pulled it permanently, then chopped the fork off as well and re-aligned the seat to be optimized for the “wheelie” position. In a very early version he had a small 16" wheel up front for emergencies, but then got good enough to just commit to no second wheel.

Here is one of several threads started by Unibiker to chronicle the increasing distances he was achieving on his pioneering creation.

why is this in RSU?

I believe he has the seat position I was trying to describe; allowing him to sit upright.

I offen wonder what happens to these former forum users, whether they lose interest in unicycling or… well why else do they stop posting? :thinking:

Uni = 1 … what else can I say? IMO it can be classed as unicycling due to the meaning of the word…

Heres a videos of me wheelying, maybe it’l help you guys:

Some good riding there. Now build yourself a Unibike!

It is interesting that it is possible to ride on a wheel with a freewheel hub when the wheel also has got a brake. I ask myself: If you would put a brake on one of the freewheel unicycles people have built – would that make them easier to ride?

Yes, IMO its similar to brake control on a bike. Or of course, as someone suggested in another thread you could make a hub with a clutch!

I’m not sure why, but between my recollection of riding very long wheelies on my bike (pretty easy and smooth like jamessd’s) and seeing videos of both expert uni coasting and coasting with a free-hub uni (jerky, difficult, and short-lived), it’s generally just easier to do that stuff on a bike. Maybe it’s the extended balance envelope and lower center of gravity you get by having your body behind the center point (back wheel) and the front wheel in front of the center point…kind of like a tightrope walker’s balance pole, but facing forward and back instead of side to side.

I think having a brake on a freewheel hub uni would be a great way to practice flying through the air and landing on your face.

Doing the whole thing on some decent trails would have been impressive.

Would probably be easier on a fixed gear b*ke.

Exactly what do you mean by departed? The college, this site, unicycling, Earth?