Amazing Maize Maze

I just sneaked into a maize maze after it closed with some friends and took my uni with me. Not being able to see bumps because moonlight is so dim makes for fun falls and mounts. It is definately an interesting enviornment to ride in. Silently brushing through the corn stalks and making quick 180 turns toward who nows what, stopping turning around and going back up the hill, you just came down, and then doing it all over again all on a unicycle is absolutely hilarious. Reccomended to all.

Re: Amazing Maize Maze

Recommendations should be limited though by the definition of “sneaking”. Wouldn’t want to give unicyclists a bad reputation.

Just my opinion


On the other hand, we wouldn’t want a reputation for being conventional, conformist, or whatever. What kid (in the widest sense - I include people up to 39 yrs and 11 months (today)) hasn’t climbed over a fence or locked gate or sneaked down a private road to see what’s there?

Don’t cause damage, don’t cause a nuisance to people who deserve a bit of peace and quiet, but come on, a bit of mild trespass on an area open to the public at other times of the day isn’t in the same league as torching cars or terrorising grannies.

It sounds like the ride was fun, and that’s what we ride for.

I wish it to be known, though, that even unicyclists should stop short of torching grannies.

But not terrorising cars!

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

I find people are generally more tolerant when you’re on one wheel. It makes the “don’t get annoyed at me, I’m dazed and confused as it is… why else would I be riding this thing?” lark easier… :slight_smile:

Smile nicely, talk to them about unicycling there’s half a chance they’ll wander off forgetting why they came out in the first place…

Phil, just me

Re: Amazing Maize Maze

Where was this Maize maze?

Mark Newbold
Montpelier, Vermont USA

Alternate email:

We have a maize (corn) maze about 12 miles North of where I live. Last year I went through it at night and dreamed of riding my dirt bike through the maze. This year, like you, I’d love to uni through it. I bet they’d say no, though. This maze is a professional one 12 acres in size. They are charging $8 to go through, which is a bit steep in my opinion. Last year, I think it was $5 or $6. It is cool and recommended by foot or wheel.

We have a maze here, but it’s $10 or so, and that seams too much to pay. Sadly it’s also too far to ride too. Your ride sounded awsome.

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Zim <> wrote:

> I just sneaked into a maize maze after it closed with some friends and
> took my uni with me.

At Last years BMW , we all went to the Maze at Symonds yat and palyed maze
mans hat. kind of like hide and seek crossed with It all on
unicycles. Good fun.


2nd Darmstadt International Unicycle Hockey Tournament
Nov 30th - Dec. 1st 2002

I too was at the maize maze. It’s somewhere around Rochester, NY for those who inquired. We made sure not to damage anything. We went at night because you are not allowed to move quickly during the day due to the high transient population density.

That said, it was awesome. Freezing air rushing over your body as you race down the path. Hold the handle tight as you cross invisible bumps or you will fall for sure. Faster, faster, quickly around the corner, down the hill, turn again, a straight away at last. Let loose down the strip pedalling as fast as your legs will turn. You hit an unseen dip and go flying forward almost free of the uni. Your legs get tangled within the whirling metal as you remain airborn. At last you land, hard, fast. You ankles are in pain (even with leg armor), you are short of breath, but that was the time of your life.

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