Amazing idea for muni!!

I had an idea the other day and tried it out when I went on a small muni ride yesterday…
Do you ever find you get mud just on the inside of your frame at the side of the tyre?It’s so hard to clean as well, I have found that if you put a small bit of sicky tape on that point it stops the frame from getting muddy at the point any way. Then just rip it off at the end of the ride:D makes cleaning a hell of a lot easier :sunglasses:

I find a powerful hosepipe and a rag do the trick for the narrow bits like that. The hosepipe is great, I can stand back and watch the mud get blasted all over the place and into the next door neighbour’s garden… :slight_smile:


I like using the hosepipe too, but that is a good idea, Ben!

When i use the hosepipe, i forget how powerful it is, and stand too close! :roll_eyes:

I hate having a clean Muni - it just means you have to go out and get it drity again! :stuck_out_tongue:


Ours has a trigger type thing on the end to control it; I learned the wet way that leaning on the ground with the hand currently holding it is an excellent way to get completely soaked…


clever idea! :wink:

It got jacked by the fact some people want to use hose pipes but presure washers are soo fun!

Just no water in the bearings. :open_mouth:

Clever idea.

Racing motorcyclists wear tear off clear plastic sheets on their visors. Every time the visor gets full of dead bugs, the rider pulls the tear off off, complete with bugs, and litters the track with it.

Some of us leave the mud on our unicycles as a badge of pride.:wink:

Or because we are just plain lazy :sunglasses: