Aluminium Frames (QuAx)

There has been lots of talk lately, since the 05 KH came out about Alu frames.

I dont know if quax have been working on this for a while or if they just jumped on the band-wagon,

But they too will soon have a Aluminium frame available

QuAx Aluminium Frame

I am actually smdO2 but for some reason it wont let me post atall??? :thinking:

It seems like they haven’t understood yet that brakes on a 20’ uni are useless :thinking:

Im gonna get one of those it they are equipped with good componants.

bearing housing looks identical to the 05 kh

Entirely not true. Some people might want to use them, and those who don’t can either deal with it or buzz them off. I’d rather them be on every model then not available on any.


Yes, it looks like the KH ones.
The Qu-ax housings are very similar to the KH ones.

I didn`t had a pic of the QU-ax ones, so i used the KH pics !
The pic are only for showing the 13mm from bearing to frame exterior.


Will bedford, or, or carry these frames?

Is qu-ax going to start making this an option for there unicycles or is it going to be something you have to buy completely separate.