Alternative ways to donate?

I really like the new forum and would like to show my support. Sadly ko-fi wouldn’t accept my credit card (keeps asking for a ZIP and would accept the ZIP of where I live) and I don’t have a Paypal account. Is there any other way to send money?




Thank you, that’s very generous. :slight_smile:

Another way would be via a regular bank transfer. Which country do you live in?

I think you can use PayPal with a credit card without opening an account.

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Yes, indeed you can:

I’ll give this a try, unless you prefer a SEPA bank payment (Switzerland or Revolut, which is GB I think) to avoid fees.

Paypal will do it, fees are minimal (unless you are giving thousands of dollars…). :slight_smile:


This thing just doesn’t want me to donate!

Apparently “Guest Payment” means you have to open an account.

EDIT: Apparently it wants me to force to create an account as soon as I choose “Switzerland” from the drop down.

Yeah I tried it too and it seems that they require an account creation… I’ll send you a direct message.