alternative unicycling team sports

I was pondering over the weekend whether or not anyone’s tried playing unicycle lacrosse? I used to play lacrosse in school and really enjoyed it and think it’d be well suited to unicycles.

I was also introduced to the Irish sport of hurling over the weekend. What an amazing sport! Though I think it’s dangerous enough without adding unicycles into the equation.

Unicycle ultimate frisbee. Good for any skill level, but requires at least 1 member per team capable of picking the thing off the floor after a drop (usually a short trials uni, and someone with decent seat out stability, so they can crouch & touch the floor, will suffice). This makes for an amazing new game mechanic, as after a drop only 1 member per team can pick the thing back up again, so there’s a 1 on 1 race to get there, and then a one-wheeled crouching squabble trying to get the frisbee back in play.


well there already has been a thread about rolleruni instead of roller ball
this is my 300th post

ultimate frisbee sounds good. It’s not dependant on lots of equipment which is a bonus.
It’d be cool if at the next BUC there could be an afternoon of trying out alternative team games.

Are you going to the uni hockey day in Manchester on Dec 10th? I have been assured that beginners are welcome and I can’t wait.

Good practice for the next BUC.


I’ve tried to play lacross with my dad while I was on my uni… its not that easy: when throwing you loose your balance very easily because you are on a wheel, and when catching you shift your weight more than normal because you are putting a stick out from you, tipping you over more than normal. It’s quite a challenge, but lots of fun :stuck_out_tongue:

you should try to play hackie sack on one you would have to use one foot on the unicycle the whole time


so I went to visit the cupboard where I store my bats:

  • hurley bat : gosh forgot that one for 30years! even termits didn’t dare touch it. no not willing to break skulls! (even irish skulls):stuck_out_tongue:
  • baseball bat (from mexico): never understood the game …
  • hockey : wishfull thinking: I store those to start a game of unihoki with my young neighbors (sooner or later I should bring them to the uni-club)
  • alpenstock : may be for Muni?
  • some japanese thing … don’t remember the use (don’t want to be a uni-samuraï)
    what about owning a Polo stick? that would be great! Coker Polo! a real touch of class! bicycle polo exists … but Coker Polo would be much more gentlemanly: I suggest it should be played only with tuxedo and top-hat!

You can try golfing too, either ‘Happy Gilmore’ style, or jst hop in place, rest a second, and take a hard wack at it without falling… I vote for the ‘Happy Gilmore’ style myself :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve always thought uni-polo would be fun. all you would need is a bunch of guys and a croquet set :slight_smile:

I’ve thought about Polo on Giraffes before but Coker Polo sounds much kewler.

Love the idea. It’ll mess up their ‘greens’ something awfull tho.

Mmm, no kilts…

for the rules of unicycle quidditch. As played internationally.


It doesn’t require that anyone be able to pick up the frisbee; if the frisbee is on the ground, it’s a turnover anyway.

The rules we’ve used in a brief bit of testing is that it’s allowable to throw from the ground, but you have to catch on the uni (obviously). We also made the modification that you don’t have to be completely stationary after you catch it, because not everyone can idle well; our rule is that you have to throw it from the same place you caught it, or further back.

I know Justin Kozy and use to play unicycle lacrosse when there was a decent sided club on Vancouver Island, but unfortunately most of the people who he played with stop unicycling. It sounds like it was a lot of fun though.


While not a team sport, it is an Olympic sport and I always thought it would be really cool on unicycles… giraffe unicycles in particular. The sport is fencing – saber fencing, specifically.

For those of you that are not very familiar with the sport, there are three different weapons (each with a different target area and rules) – foil, epee, and saber. Back when the sport evolved and was life or death :astonished: (medieval times, I suppose) foil was the weapon used for training and has a relatively thin blade. The target area for foil fencing consists of the torso only. The target area in epee fencing is the entire body from head to toe and the epee sword has a thicker, triangular blade. In epee fencing and foil fencing thrusting is the only acceptable way to score a “touch.” Saber fencing was derived from sword fights on horseback so the target area is from the waist up (including the head) and thrusting as well as cutting are both acceptable ways to score a “touch.” The saber sword has a wrist guard (like a pirate’s sword) and a competitor has to raise the sword above his/her head horizontally to defend against an opponent’s attempt at scoring cuts to the head. Mounted on a giraffe (instead of a horse, as in old times), the rules for saber fencing are perfectly suited for giraffe fencing. I would make two adjustments, however. Fencing matches normally take place on a long strip (that’s maybe 30 feet long and 3 – 4 feet wide). The first time you go off the strip is a warning the second time is a point against you (a point is awarded to your opponent). I would replace the strip with a circle (maybe 30 feet in diameter), but the rules about going outside the boundary would remain the same – 2 times and it’s a point against you. The only other adjustment I would make is adding the rule that falling off your giraffe is also a point against you.

I think the sport would not only look really cool with riders wearing fencing jackets and masks while competing on top of giraffes, but I think it would also spice up the sport of fencing (and slow it down, too, which is good because it’s hard to follow the sport when played on foot because it’s so fast - which is one of the reasons It doesn’t make for a good spectator sport). Easier to follow and more exciting, I think giraffe fencing would have a lot of potential as a fun sport to play and watch :D. Has anyone on the forum ever done any fencing? If so, which weapon?

Oops, I meant knuckle guard!

This thread is throwing up some really kewl ideas.
Three years ago a couple of students re-started the Wits Ministry of Jesters, a juggling club at the University of the Witwatersrand.
Since most of them were members of the 'Balls Up! Juggling Club, we ended up helping them recruit new members during their Orientation Week.
The fencers had a stall quite close to us and allowed people to try the sport. A couple of us were quite keen on trying it on unis (not raffies) but since none of us could idle at the time, nothing came of it.

I’m not sure if I’m crazy about the idea of doing it on raffies.
UPDing and still having to know where the sword is when you land doens’t particularly excite me.
Also the remounting question. Must it be a freemount? With saber in hand?
I’d like to give it a bash, but on my 20" thanx. I’ll leave the Raffencing for the aerealists.

a long time ago I remember posting about “muni bozkachi”.
the idea is to have teams that play on rough grounds (forrest, savannah, whatever you want).
each team tries to get hold of a “dead goat” (whatever could that be) and bring it back to camp, other teams will try to steal the thing.
in fact it looks much more like old french game of “soule” … but nobody ever heard about it: bozkachi is much more widely known