Alternative handles for Gel seat?

I have the Radial 360 Coker with the Gel seat and would like to mount a handle
ala the GB handle, but the hole pattern is all wrong. Has anyone used a handle other
than the KH handle on the Gel seat? What type, and how did you mount it?


Disclaimer: I don’t have a GB handle, just been researching it with a view to a purchase.

George tells me the GB handle can’t be mounted on the UDC gel seat due to the saddle being flexible, and too difficult to fix a stiffener plate to. Roger at UDC UK told me that somebody had nonetheless managed to fit it but that he didn’t know how.

It would be possible to fit the GB handle to a carbon fibre base, so if you were prepared to upgrade your saddle with one (or convert to an airseat) the GB ought to fit.

Alternatively, various people have built (or had made) handles that clamp onto the frame / seatpost, rather than affixing directly to the saddle. Maybe these would suit your needs better.

I do wonder if George has considered making a version of the GB handle which could attach in this way - it would seem to make sense since it would then be saddle-independent.

Here’s the tested solution.

Quick and easy with a Fusion cover. With the Gel seat you’d have to take out a few staples. Then find a way to reattach the fabric. I think there’s a KH freestyle front bumper that might work. Or maybe restapling. Might be easier to just get a Fusion cover. They stretch down well on the thinner Gel saddle.