Alps Training

Scot, Bronson, Beau and I had a great Father’s Day training ride today in the Santa Cruz mountains. It was only 60km or so but had about 900m of climbing, with a fair amount on dirt. Most of the climb was in the first 20km. It was a loop ride from Santa Cruz up to about 2200’, then down to the town of Davenport for a well-deserved lunch. Then back along the beautiful Pacific. It was a perfect gorgeous day - training is FUN!

Here are some photos

GPS track info and charts etc.

Hope you’re all enjoying great summer weather if you’re in the NH.


How was the riding along Empire Grade? I’ve always been tempted to ride it, but it doesn’t have much of a shoulder… I’m timid about riding in traffic, and I see people whizzing past the upper gate at UCSC at mach speed all the time!

The ride along Hwy 1 must’ve been a beautiful view with a nice ocean breeze to cool you guys off… “only 60km” is quite a distance for some of us :slight_smile: Great training, indeed!

Jason, you’re right that traffic can be a problem on Empire Grade. There isn’t all that much traffic, but the locals there blaze along that road. Our route goes from downtown, up Bay St into Campus, up past the firestation onto those fireroads. Past the Lock ‘Em Up log, both sets of tanks, intersecting with Empire Grade at the top entrance to Gray Whale. Only then do we turn right onto EG. From there I think it’s something like 6 or 7 miles to the Pine Flat turnoff at 2200’. The return from Davenport is easy but not as nice since there is LOTS of weekend traffic on route 1. We turn right into Wilder Ranch at the first opportunity and take the bike path back, then to Natural Bridges and along West Cliff. Get yourself a Coker and come with us!


That’s the part I’m hung up on… I’m hoping to upgrade my MUni before adding a “big one” to my quiver. I’m still starstruck by Abram Clark’s geared giraffe and hope to put one of these together when I get back from my summer vacation… hopefully I can keep up with you fellas on one of these! Thanks for the invite!