Almost Christmas (muni)

short vid from last sunday:

this is the first muni video I’ve watched from begin to end and I liked it :slight_smile:

Great video! Snow muni looks like so much fun!

Very Nice!

pretty awesome. nice music, too!

cool man!

:slight_smile: loved it!

You made me waiting for the snow! Fortunately there is still none here as my knee is not ready for muni yet :wink:

hey turtle,
Loved the video. Great control in those loose steep sections- I love it when you can control skid and keep it all together. The snow riding looks like a lot of (wet) fun too. I’ve only had the chance to do a bit of snow riding but it is a lot of fun once you get the technique for it.
Nice composition on the shots and the variety of angles was great too. I’m very much looking forward to riding with you in 2012 at the Grischa muni challenge!



@mark: yes, the muni grischa challenge will be really great! do you have already a team or will you need someone from here?

WONDERFUL! Thank you for taking your camera and us along. My MUNI dreams just got better. Merry (Almost) Christmas*


I never watch muni videos but I love this one!
It is so hard to slide on snow! It’s about 1000 times harder than it looks… and it looks hard!
Well done bro! :smiley:

A great muni video. Well done and nice riding!