(Hugh Allison): Re: Uni Seats

I’ve got one seat that has a removable cover like that. It’s naugahide. how much
air pressure can you put in it before the nogahide cover will rip? I’m heading
to the store now to look at some stuff. Chris

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If you need any clarification on anything, just ask. Here’s what I did…

I took my seat cover off by prying back the little clips that held it on. Then I
removed the pad that was there. I punched a hole with a nail through my seat,
then Reamed it out with a screwdriver until the hole was big enough for the stem
to go through (I also filed the rough edges around the punched hole). Then I
placed the tube on the seat (not inflated) with the stem though the hole, and
folded strategically. I then placed the cover back on and halfway squeezed the
clamps back down, so I could inflate it a little to see how it looked.

After I felt good about the positioning of the tube, I clamped the cover all the
way on, and finished putting the seat back together.

Hope that helps.

also evenings and weekends

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