All Star cast on G-Spot Muni trail

Today, Kris H., Nathan, Beau and Megumi H., Beaven G.S, joined locals Hans, Eyal, Josh, Dennis and me for a lap down G Spot and Devil’s Slide. Josh will post the pics shortly. Everyone had a blast and rode well. Kris looked more like a downhill ski racer than a Muni rider. After seeing KH ride down a couple of those (seemingly) impossibly steep slabs, with his brake locked, I’m bolting the Magura back on my rig.

Some mighty big air was thrown today at the G Spot, that’s for sure.


I can’t wait for the pic’s!

Here they are.

There were lots of cameras on the trail, so I would expect that more pictures will be forthcoming. Most people did Devil’s Slide too, though John and I left after the first ride. What a blast!

that’s sick! I wanna try. :smiley:

Thanks for posting those. Awesome shots…looks like you guys really had a great day and ate up that terrain.

Also looks like you have a camera lens polishing opportunity, bottom center.

It looks like they ate up all the trees. Where are the trees?

What was the occasion? I thought at least some of those riders lived a long way away from Santa Barbara. As I keep saying (yes, some day I’ll do something about it) I wish I was there!


Yeah, Kris Holm especially must be a very busy man, traveling all over the place like that. He lives twice as far from California as I do!

At least SOME of those shots belong in the best uni pic’s 05 thread…

John, all the trees and shrubs got torched off by a wildfire some months ago. A few recent rains exposed a lot of new rocks and when winter really and truly sets in down here G Spot is gonna look like a trials run top to bottom.

Those pics are pretty much crap but there were a lot of others there snapping shots and they’ll post them eventually. I’ve got a broken thumb (Tunnel Trail) and only have one of those peanut, point and shoot digital camerals, and what with the big smudge on the lens and the splint on my thumb and being in a hurry (leaving for Venezuela in two days) . . . Well, those are my excuses. The guys rode Devil’s Slide later that day and today are riding Tunnel Trail, in Santa Barbara, a long roll fest with a sensational view.

This group got together somewhat by fluke: Nathan was visiting family in the area and Kris’s wife has a friend here as well, Beaven jumped aboard and we just all got together. My only gripe is that I don’t have time to ride with the guys today and that we didn’t have time to do Suicide Connector trail in SImi Valley, which might be the best of the lot. Next time.

Another interesting note is that Nathan, Kris and I (all rock climbers) have been trying to get some big name climbers interested in Muni. If that super aggro group ever got the Munii bug the sport would get a significant energy boost. To that end, Kris just donated several KH 24s to Dean Potter and Steph Davis–both world-class climbers who live in Moab–and they are busy learning as I write. The Muni scene might get a bit more interesting in a few months.

One thing about these group rides is the pure fun of the expedition–barring all the falls. I thought Beaven ruptured his gizzard on one bone-crushing fall.
He’s a tough kid with a lot of go-for-it.

Expect more photos from others in a few days . . .


That’s a mistake to invite to such young and amazing climbers to join our sport, because it will invite unfavorable comparison to us old-dog-new-tricks folks. Those two climbers are balance-demons and way gnarly, besides.

Remember the recent thread of how frustrating your daughter’s learning in 5 minutes was.

Those are some great pictures. Nice action going on there. What size wheels and cranks are being used? I can’t tell well, looks like 24 and 26 inch wheels, any 29" on that terrain? Are those generally 170mm cranks? Just curious what the pro’s are riding.

Hey Steveyo, Yeah, it’s terrible being reminded your an older-dog. :wink: Sorry I didn’t make meeting you at the Long Island event. Sounded like a blast.

Everyone had 24" wheels and mostly 165mm or 170mm cranks. Except Kris Holm, who (I think) was using 150mm cranks. You’d have to ask someone else why, as I didn’t hear the whole explanation.

The Tunnel Trail ride today was a messy, muddy challenge. It was perfect temperature, and (as usual) an absolute blast to watch and ride! Kris and Nathan took some pics, so you may see those a bit later.

I need to rest my aching body.

Thread jack -
On the way up to CMW last year, with nothing to do but use the phone in the car, I talked with a long time buddy of mine who got me into rock climbing years ago. John’s name came up as I mentioned that he had something to do with the beginnings of rockclimbing… I still don’t really know, other than his name is well recognized in the rockclimbing community. I just wanted to know John as a MUni guy.

I told my buddy that I felt my rockclimbing skills had really improved due to my MUni and trials riding. Later, he suggested talking to John and having him come out with his own model of MUni directed towards the rockclimbing crowd. It was an interesting thought. The gist being that it might create an awareness of MUni to rock climbers. We imagined what might happen to the MUni world once and if rock climbers came into it. I have my own thoughts on this, but I will save it for another thread directed to that topic.

BTW, I ain’t no great rock climber. These days, I climb once a year for a Joshua Tree get together during spring break. I mostly climb 5.8s and only one 5.9 that was probably rated incorrectly. But, I love the sport for it’s intensly focused mental effort. For me, it’s meditative. It becomes metaphoricly symbolic when reaching the top of a climb.

I just want to know if CMW will be in LA next year. :sunglasses:

Also, that area looks way cool. Looks way exciting, but I need to wait for my confidence/skills to build up.

“Rock and Roll”

Everyone had 24" wheels and mostly 165mm or 170mm cranks. Except Kris Holm, who (I think) was using 150mm cranks. QUOTE]

Thank you for answering Entropy.

Whew, that was an awesome weekend. I’m glad there weren’t any injuries other than bruises and retinas (which healed?), however some unicycles definitely got beaten on… Beau went through two sets of cranks this weekend, and my seatpost has finally given out, because I stupidly tried that gap too many times…

Good fun.

Yes, Kris was on 150s, because it augmented the insanely fast riding he was doing, cut down the # of pedal strikes, and didn’t take away too much power.

Nobody was on anything but a 24x3. A 26 or a 29 would be suicide, IMO. Tunnel you need every bit of maneuverability that you can get, and a 29 on g-spot would be crazy.

John,what about the explanation you gave us for the trees? Something like “I don’t like green, so I had to turn it red.”

Andrew, Kris came down because he already had plane tickets that he hadn’t used from CMW 05. That prompted Nathan and his family to go down, which prompted me to beg him to let me hitch a ride.


More photos

Here are some photos from all 3 rides plus some hanging out: I have a nice video or two to post also - will do it tonight if I have time.

It was truly an awesome weekend. The extra 2 1/2 hours driving to and from G-spot on Saturday was worth it for sure. What a fun place. And finally doing Tunnel Trail in non-blistering conditions was great on Sunday. Here are my photos from our previous trip there, July 2004:

A super big thank-you to Hans and his wife for putting up with us again at his home - you are the man Hans!

So what is the true name of the second ride on Saturday?


I’m fairly sure it’s “Devil’s Slide.” It’s a locally famous (infamous?) part of the Santa Susana Pass stage road, which was initially the only way to get over those mountains.

Edit: There’s more information here:

Thanks for posting the pics…those are some sweet shots!

I think that the rocks that make up the Los Angeles Harbor breakwater came from those mountains and were carried down Devil’s Slide…

Thanks for the info - I updated my album.

Here are even more pictures of the Saturday ride, from Matthew Williams: