All in all a good day

I did my highest seat out hop today(bench hight) making them on par with my seat in’s.
I also got pretty close to nailing pedal grabs.i can crank grab but i want to learn the swingy up thing on the pedal.


I can seat-out hop higher than seat in; I just can’t land anything!

Must keep working on it:(

Oh for goodness sake. Now I’m going to have to go and practise more before he ends up better than me! :stuck_out_tongue:


it is really neat to hear about different peoples progress. a little while ago i finaly managed to seat out hop higher than seat in. now i am trying to incorporate the snap that i have with seat in.

i can also crank grab and want to manage the pedal grab. i think that will happen soon. how are your flows?

keep up the great work.


nnaa i was that ages ago;).
I can get to rubber no problems i just land unbalanced but this will change soon i hope.